How To Barbecue Safely?

Learning how to barbecue safely is very important as accidents can happen very quickly and without any warning. Many people are now including the cooking of meat on their patios in their family parties and this has increased the number of accidents caused by heat. If you have kids they will find this extremely scary and you could end up losing some of their best friends.

You need to take care when using the grill and make sure it is not turned on for too long. When the charcoal is first lit it is very hot and it can cause the food to splatter all around. Always check the coals before lighting a fire, you never know what they contain. Some people have had serious injuries from eating food that is wrapped in foil. There are many types of grills on the market from the small stationery type to the much bigger commercial ones. If you are thinking about buying one then take your time to do some research and find the one that suits your needs best.

How To Barbecue Safely

It is easy to get carried away with the excitement of grilling and you may be tempted to overheat the grill. Always remember, you should only cook the food on one side or the other as this can cause it to scorch. You should also never add too much oil to the food or you will burn it. It can be very difficult to know how to barbecue safely as some people seem to think they can add a little here and a little there, until the food is completely cooked.

If you want to grill without smoke, then make sure you use a smoker or chimney to circulate the smoke around the room. It is also important to protect your eyes and skin from the smoke. If you get a mesh basket for your grill make sure you keep some paper towels nearby. The paper towels will stop the food from flying around in the air and touching your face or clothes. If you use tongs to stir the food you could cause it to scorch. Using tongs causes the food to move around the cooking surface more so than if you were using a spatula or a fork.

When you are learning how to barbecue safely you should never use the same pan that you used to cook the meat with. The metals used in the pan can cause the food to stick which can cause damage to your clothes and skin. You should always clean the pan before cooking with it again. If you do not have a mesh rack to place your chicken on, you should place your legs on a trivet instead. The legs will catch all the drippings and they will not stick to the rest of the chicken.

Another tip on how to barbecue safely is to always turn the gas burners off before you start cooking. You never know when gas will flare up and cause a fire. Always put the coals out of your way when you are done cooking as this will avoid the possibility of starting a fire. It would also be wise to put out all the trash in your grill, as this could catch fire as well.

How to barbecue safely is also knowing how to properly handle your lighter. Do not try to light your lighter while it is still lighted. You should always wait until the coals have completely cooled down before you do try to ignite them. You may want to take out the matches from inside your lighter before trying to light it. You can always leave the matches in the container that your lighter came in. Never throw matches into any kind of flammable liquid or substance.

How to barbecue safely also includes using tongs when stirring your food. Use your tongs to stir your food and not pull it apart. Food does not get cooked evenly in a sauce. If you try to use a spoon to stir your food then you run the risk of burning your food. It is better to use your tongs.