How to Cook Rice in Fasta Pasta

How to Cook Rice the Fasta Pasta Way

Do you know how to cook rice in fasta pasta? If not, here is a little secret: you don’t need to. Now before we begin, the easiest way is to use a rice cooker. But if you do not own one, then besure to go check out the Best Asian Rice Cooker Reviews.  It is not necessary to let the water boil before putting hot rice in it. It is not necessary to stir the rice all the time after putting one spoon of rice in it. It is not necessary to wait for five minutes before eating the rice. It is not necessary to use the rice cooker.

What is rice cooking the fasta pasta way?

Take a medium-sized pot and add enough water to cover the rice. Take two teaspoons of rice (the one you want to use is brown) and put in the pot and put the cover on it. Leave it for 10-12 minutes.

See, you can do it so easy and still not take a long time.

What happens when you cook rice the fasta pasta way? It cooks in the same time that the rice cooker will do it. The water in the pot never gets boiled, so if you are using the rice cooker, you can’t see any white dots on the water. And, the best part, you can make the rice yourself! It is a great option if you have nothing to do at home.

Now that you know the cooking method, you can use it with most kinds of rice.

How to cook rice in fasta pasta

For cooking brown rice in the fasta pasta way, you will need about 3 cups of water.

Why is it that rice cooks faster than pasta?

Food experts, particularly Italian foodies, have an explanation for this: It is because the roots of the old Italian fasta pasta recipe are a little different from the modern, more time consuming Italian rice recipe.

What is the difference between a fasta pasta and an Italian rice?

The original fasta pasta recipe, as it is said, was created by the geniuses of Italian cooking, the Aztecs. The Aztecs did not live in a world of quick, easy cooking. They lived in a world of extremely long days.

The Aztecs were famous for cooking long and slow. When making a breakfast, they would cook everything to order, including the eggs. When making a lunch, they would cook a beef steak in order to get the most flavor out of the meat.

How does fasta pasta rice work?

Before we begin to understand how fasta pasta rice works, it is important to understand that the way of cooking rice in fasta pasta is very different. When you put the rice in the spaghetti pot you are steaming it. It means that the rice gets hot but does not boil.

There are certain differences between boiling and steaming rice. Firstly, rice can be kept for a very long time without getting overcooked or dried out. Secondly, the rice will not burn. It can cook without getting damaged. The difference is that steaming removes the outer part of the rice to keep it firm. The rice can be kept for longer. Steaming is especially suitable for short-grain rice. In other words, steaming rice is ideal for soft- or medium-grain rice.

What are the benefits of cooking rice in the fasta pasta way?

It is faster than you think:

Your rice is already cooked in the first stir.

This is why you can buy instant rice from online stores. It is always ready to eat.

It is very easy:

You can take your rice and put it in a pot. Bring up some water, let it boil for 2 minutes and you have rice. You don’t need to drain the water and keep stirring. You don’t need to stir the rice for five minutes. You don’t need to remember how much water to use for the rice. And you can start eating in 5 minutes.

You can store rice and use it up in your next rice time.

You can make a small and tender rice which you can cook for the next family gathering. You can cook rice in the winter as well.

It is easy to store rice:

When you cook rice in the fasta pasta way, you use little water for the rice.

How do I cook rice in the fasta pasta way?

Put a pot with hot water in the table and add instant rice

In the meantime, grind hot water to a soft paste with a bit of salt and a bit of black pepper. Add that to the pot

Sprinkle in some oil

Cut the veggies and mince them, either finely or grated. Add them to the pot and mix well

Add another spoon of hot water to the pot

Stir it a little bit

Use a strainer to separate the rice from the liquid

Do not spill the liquid on the table. Leave it in the pot to keep it warm until the rice is cooked

Stir again to make sure the rice is cooked and not overcooked

How do I cook pasta in the fasta pasta way?

Take the pasta and boil it, once, until soft, but not cooked. This is so you can add more salt to taste.